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2023 Outstanding History Teacher awards

Dr Glenn Davies

Awarded to Dr Glenn Davies for the outstanding qualities he has demonstrated in his classroom teaching of History, his contributions to the professional development of History teachers and his involvement in curriculum development.

The teaching of Dr Davies is recognised by the Queensland History Teachers’ Association as being characterised by a deep knowledge, passion and pedagogical skill, that has inspired student interest, learning and achievement.

Similarly, his contribution to the professional knowledge and development of History teachers through his involvement in curriculum committees, conference presentations, textbook writing and role as editor of numerous e-journals has been outstanding.

Kelly Chase

Awarded to Kelly Chase for her creative and innovative approach to teaching History and her contribution to the professional development of teachers through her presentations at Teachmeets and conferences.

The Queensland History Teachers’ Association recognises the outstanding work Kelly has done on History Detective, at first a podcast and now a YouTube channel for both students and teachers.

Featuring original songs written to suit each episode about the lives of often unknown people, History Detective engages the audience in a unique manner.


Doris Haddock

Awarded to Doris Haddock for a professional lifetime of commitment to excellence in teaching and learning. She is recognised by the Queensland History Teachers’ Association as an outstanding teacher who has a rare capacity to inspire students through her enthusiasm, her story-telling ability and her immense breadth and depth of knowledge. Her passion for teaching History and generosity in assisting her colleagues has meant that Doris is held in high regard by students and colleagues alike, all of whom acknowledge her as an exceptional and inspirational educator.

2019 Outstanding History Teacher Awards

Ms Dianna Platt, Carmel College

Mrs Kerry Daud, St Pauls School

Mr Michael Cocks, Toowoomba Grammar and History Skills

Associate Professor Andrew Bonnell, University of Queensland

Associate Professor Tom Stevenson, University of Queensland

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