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22 December 2019

Ministerial Submission on Mock External Assessments for Ancient History and Modern History

Please find attached

  1. Letter outlining serious concerns that QHTA and its membership have with the quality of the mock external assessment materials:
  2. Queensland History Teachers’ Association (QHTA) Ministerial Submission on the Mock external assessments for Ancient History and Modern History. The submission has been redacted to ensure the security of the the ‘school use only paper’ is not breached on the public section of the website:

These documents have been sent to the Education Minister the Hon Grace Grace and a copy to Chris Rider QCAA.

24 September 2018

A position paper from QHTA relating to Senior History syllabuses v1.1

The QHTA continues to work with QCAA to improve aspects of the Ancient and Modern History syllabus documents, particularly in relation to the objectives and ISMGs. Our aim is to ensure that these documents are accessible, transparent and valid.  The changes we are seeking will not add to teacher workloads but rather make our jobs easier.  The latest paper from QHTA to QCAA can be viewed at

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