Entries must be received by the due date, Friday 21 September 2018. A student entry form must be attached to each entry. Post entries to: QHTA History Competition 2018, QHTA, PO Box 1029, New Farm Q 4005.

2018 QHTA Historical Writing Competition details

2018 QHTA Historical Writing Competition application form

Students in years 7 to 12 from Queensland and Northern Territory Schools are invited to submit an essay or written response of some other appropriate genre (a report, diary entries, newspaper article, play, script etc) or a multi-modal response (11 and 12 only). The topic may relate to any historical period. The hypothesis or question to which the piece of writing is intended to respond must be clearly stated and must be historical in the sense that it addresses an issue concerned with causes or consequences or change of continuity in human affairs in an identified time period. It must also have been formulated as in response to close analysis of a range of historical sources.

The entry may relate to a topic studied during the student’s history studies at school and must be the original work of the student, in that the student has not received more assistance than is usually given during the researching and writing of text submitted for assessment.

While teachers should feel free to comment on early drafts, the submitted entry must not contain any teacher’s comments, corrections or marks.

Each school may submit no more than three entries in each of Years 7-10. In Years 11 and 12 a maximum of three Ancient History essays and three Modern History essays may be submitted at each year level as well as one Year 11 or 12 multi-modal entry for Ancient and one Year 11 or 12 multi-modal entry in Modern History. In instances where more than the permissible number of three entries in a given year level/category are submitted, only the first three removed from the envelope will be eligible.

Entries Close: Friday, 21 September 2018

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