The History Teachers’ Association of Australia (HTAA), together with HTAA State affiliates, conducts this competition for Year 9 and 10 students on behalf of the Australian Government. The focus of the competition is the significance of the ANZAC experience and what it has meant for Australia. Students are asked to write an essay of 1200 to 1500 words, or prepare¬†an audio-visual presentation of not more than 10 minutes accompanied by a written explanation of up to 400 words, on a given statement every year.

The 2021 Simpson Prize question is:¬†“How do lesser known stories from the Western Front expand our understanding of the Australian experience of the First World War?” The Simpson Prize requires students to respond to the quote and question using the 2021 Simpson Prize Australian War Memorial Source Selection at // They are expected to make effective use of a minimum of three of the sources provided, and up to half of the reponse should also make use of information drawn from your own knowledge and research. Students are encouraged to agree, debate with or challenge the statement from a variety of perspectives – individual, national and global – and to use sources in a variety of forms.


The Simpson Prize is a great opportunity for Year 9 and 10 students to participate in a nationwide essay competition, giving them the chance to win a two-day trip to Canberra, and an unforgettable 2 week trip to overseas battlefields (incorporating Anzac Day commemorations). The winners from each State and Territory will travel together to key battlefields overseas in April 2021. For further details go to //