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QHTA Teaching Resources for Sale

Studies of Political Systems. Athenian Democracy in 5th Century BCE
Kay Bishop
This is a 67 page booklet (or CD) written to address the Queensland Studies Authority's Senior Ancient History Syllabus. It explores the background to the growth of Athenian Democracy through the reforms of Solon and Cleisthenes and then examines the way the democratic system worked in Athens in the 5th century BCE. It also explores the question of how democratic the system really was. There is a wide range of primary source material with questions for students to work through and extensive text material to enhance student learning. It is a 'remake' of the earlier publication on Athenian Democracy with a much more extensive section on the strengths and weakness of sources and more textual background information. The CD has hyperlinks to take students easily from the Contents page to each chapter and there are hyperlinks to a glossary and to maps.
Studies of Conflict - Harold v William 1066
Kay Bishop
This booklet is a source based inquiry into the conflict between King Harold of England and William of Normandy, culminating in the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The organisation of the material is based on the Aspects of Inquiry, as set out in the Queensland Ancient History Syllabus. There are sections on the background to the conflict, the nature of the conflict itself, the consequences of the conflict and the strengths and weaknesses of the available sources. Each Chapter has a wide range of primary sources and tasks for students based on the sources.
Studies of Power - Augustus and the Rise of One Man Power in Rome
Kay Bishop
This is a 60 page inquiry into the nature of Augustus' administration of Rome during the Principate. It has been written to meet the needs of the Queensland Ancient History Syllabus for the Senior School and is an investigation of Augustus' rise to power, how he exercised this power and what effects this had on the Roman Republic. There is an extensive range of ancient sources used in this inquiry, with student tasks throughout the book. The approach is based on the Aspects of Inquiry from the Syllabus document and there is a lenghty chapter on the strengths and weaknesses of the various sources used. The inquiry focuses on the theme of power, how it is achieved and how it is used/manipulated.

The Breakdown of the Roman Republic - The path of Violence. This is a thirty page booklet of source material with questions, connected by explanatory text. It is an inquiry based approach to the problems Rome faced during the second and first centuries BC and the impact of these on the Republican government.
Cost: $8.80 single copy; $4.40 for 15 or more (plus postage - see below)

Women in Ancient Society. This is a comparative inquiry approach booklet of about 30 pages with primary sources, connecting text and questions based on the sources. The emphasis is on Ancient Greece and Rome but there is material on Egypt and some Near Eastern Societies.
Cost: $8.80 single copy; $4.40 for 15 or more (plus postage - see below)

 Classical Studies for Schools. These are sets of primary source materials with an accompanying teacher's guidebook on Augustus, Alexander the Great, Roman Social Life, and Athenian Social Life. Teacher's resource on Homer's Odyssey.
Cost: $8.80 for each primary source book; $6.60 for each Teacher's Guide; $49.50 for the whole set of 9 books (plus postage - see below)



All prices listed are GST inclusive

1-2 books : $5.00
3-5 books : $7.00
6+ books : $10.00

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