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The History Teacher eJournal

The History Teacher is the QHTA quarterly eJournal, and is available to all members as part of their membership entitlements. The first edition of The History Teacher eJournal is provided below as a sample for prospective members. Future complete editions will only be available to QHTA members from a secure site.

The History Teacher eJournal, Vol.45, No.1, August 2007



This is the first edition of the online version of The History Teacher, QHTA's long-standing professional journal.  The decision to move to electronic delivery of The History Teacher was taken after much serious discussion, and not without pangs of regret.

Vol.45, No.1, August 2007
For years, the publishing of the print version of the journal has swallowed up the bulk of the subscription monies receibed by QHTA, so there were pressing financial reasons for the change.  But, like so many other organisations, QHTA also recognised the positive advantages of electronic delivery.  The journal can also include visual images in greater numbers and of higher quality, including colour photographs.  In this initial edition, the article on 'Anzac Square' demonstrates this by its inclusion of eighteen colour photographs.  In future editions, this potential will be exploited more fully.  There's also a clear environmental benefit from electronic publishing, obviating the need for printing, collating and mailing about 25,000 pages each edition.  For the reader, there's the ease of simply ignoring the electronic link to any article that is not of special interest - no waste of paper there.
Still, it's likely that many readers will miss the familiar printed journal.  Like a book or a newspaper, a printed journal offers such handy portability.  The new format will ask readers to become used to printing favourite articles to achieve that same portability.  But the new journal - with its print-ready pdf format - will also make it so easy to add articles and teaching resources to the collections that virtually every teacher now stores on his or her computer.  And printing the pdf's should prove easier than manipulating the printed magazine at the photocopier.
All of this has been made possible by the expertise and energy of Glenn Davies, who has turned the basic Word files into the pdf-format journal you now see.  Huge thanks to Glenn
Dr Brian Hoepper, Editor
Professional Articles
Creating a museum
How students can change ideas about the past
Jamie Hay
Environmental Education is History
The extent to which Modern History education adopts characteristics of socially critical environmental education
Clayton Barry

Curriculum and Teaching Ideas

Palm island Inquiry
Is justice more than skin deep?
Jo-Anne Cameron and Emma Paige
Curriculum materials: Creating a museum
How students can change ideas about the past
Jamie Hay
Reading Anzac Square
Adding insight to a history excursion
Brian Hoepper
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Meditations on Marcus Aurelius
A proposal for a Year 12 Ancient History unit
Jo-Anne Cameron
Getting your students ready for Category One
Extended Writing in Response to Historical Evidence
Michelle Brown
Twentieth century History 1900-1945, History Teachers' Association of Victoria, 2006
Twentieth Century History 1945-2000, History Teachers' Association of Victoria, 2007
Jackson, L. et.al. 2007, Humanities Alive - History 2, Jacaranda Learning Essentials, John Wiley & Sons, Milton
Maaz, J. et.al. 2007, Humanities Alive - Geography 2, Jacaranda Learning Essentials, John Wiley & Sons, Milton
Pausewang, Gudrun. 2006, Dark Hours, translated by John Brownjohn, Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest
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QHTA resource for sale
Studies of Conflict. Harold v William 1066
Kay Bishop

This booklet is a source based inquiry into the conflict between King Harold of England and William of Normandy, culminating in the battle of Hastings in 1066.  The organisation of the material is based on the Aspects of Inquiry, as set out in the Queensland Ancient History Syllabus.  There are sections on the background of the conflict and the strengths and weaknesses of the available sources.  Each Chapter has a wide range of primary sources and tasks for students based on the sources.

Complete editions of the QHTA History Teacher eJournal will only be available to members from a secure site.  Please enjoy the first edition as a sample.

The History Teacher print journal content lists

The History Teacher was the QHTA journal.  The last hardcopy journal was published in February 2007.  The content pages of past History Teacher journals are available for perusal below.  If one is of interest, please contact the QHTA Executive Officer at qhta@qhta.com.au
Call for Contributors

QHTA is seeking to publish articles and examples of classroom practice which will be of interest to teachers of history in Queensland.  Contributions may take many forms.  They may be:

  • letters to the editor
  • reviews of available resources, including books, computer software and videos
  • research papers relevant to the theory, content and practice of history teaching
  • examples of assessment instruments and levls of student achievements and/or examples of classroom activities and practice

Contributions should be emailed to qhta@qhta.com.au  If this is not possible, a hard copy along with the text on CDROM should be sent to:

The Editor
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